Elegant shower with different lotions, shampoo, and body wash.


Pamper yourself with our eco friendly, and thoughtfully selected assortment of bathroom amenities. You can pack light knowing we've already got everything you need.

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Sustainability is our priority.

Sustainability is not just about reducing what we take, but also about what we give. This tree free bamboo toilet paper comes in plastic free packaging. AND ... This Certified B Corporation gives 50% of its profits directly to their charity partners who work in water, hygiene and sanitation.

"Who gives a crap" premium toilet paper.

Good for you. Good for the earth.

Our amenities have been thoughtfully researched and curated for sustainability, preservation, and your comfort.

BIOCORN cotton pads & swabs

Plastic free and packaged in biodegradable plant based packaging.

100% biodegradable toothbrushes & floss picks

Made from corn husk and corn starch, they are fully biodegradable. Each one comes sealed in a paper sleeve for maximum hygiene.

Biodegradable shower caps

All the practicality of a single use shower cap without the guilt.

Eco-friendly twin blade razors

Made from Eco-friendly and renewable Polylactic Acid. The corn based resin assures these twin blade razors are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Plastic-free, plant-based cleaning supplies

From our partners at Dropps and Clean People.

100% flax linen bedding

Softer with every wash, naturally bacteria resistant, and highly breathable. Linen is a hardworking fabric that keeps you warm in winter and feeling cool and fresh in Summer. Linen fabric is longer lasting than cotton meaning higher overall sustainability.

Soft, white linens on a bed
Bed with wool mattress topper

Sheep’s wool mattress pads

Naturally fire retardant, mildew and bug resistant, wool is another hardworking and versatile natural fabric. Similar to linen, it's breathability maximizes year round comfort. Our beds are certain to be the only getaway you need!

Turkish bath towels

Wrap yourself in our extra large, soft, and moisture wicking 100% Cotton Turkish bath towels.

Extra large, soft, and moisture wicking 100% Cotton Turkish bath towels

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